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Social media optimization for efficient SEO

Author: Subhadeep Basu

Tapping of various social networking media can be a major boost to your Search Engine Optimization endeavors. Popular social media marketing sites have set a new trend among Search Engine Optimization specialists seeking to garner attention and sharing information related to their websites with a huge potential clientele. Social media marketing brings to the table a free platform capable of getting across the latest news and developments about your product to the targeted customers and get quality back links from well-established social media marketing sites back to the main product site.

With the subscriber base of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Mixx, Digg, and business networking sites like LinkedIn growing by leaps and bounds, it would be a highly unwise not to recognize the consumer traits and harness the power of social media interface to leverage your website branding efforts. The most important benefit in tapping social networking sites for online marketing is that you get to engage in meaningful discussion with a participative audience and get to know their views and requirements as well.

Here we seek to discuss a few of most popular and effective social media sites which can prove to be beneficial in your social media optimization efforts.

1) Facebook: Facebook is a very effective social marketing site hosting a large chunk of professionals engaged in constructive discussions on a wide range of topics. A wide spectrum of features like note creation, video and photo uploads, and status updates make it a great platform for social media marketing. You may initiate conversations with the target audience, create Facebook events, pages and discussion groups on your desired topic and post relevant information with quality back links for navigating back to your website.

2) Twitter: There is no denying the fact that Twitter has emerged as a very popular social media marketing site largely used even by big businesses in order to get their message across in a few words to a larger audience. Moreover, you may also share your blogs on your twitter posts and invite comments from your followers. Presently, websites offering one-way communication are a thing of the past. Customers are always interested in first-hand reviews and discussions with fellow twitters as well as marketers before making a purchase decision. As your discussion becomes popular, it gets more and more twitted, shared and bookmarked; all while spreading your brand far and wide and driving traffic to your website.

3) LinkedIn: It is an online network of more than 8.5 million experienced professionals across the world representing 130 industry segments. Most LinkedIn users are looking for contacts for business tie-ups and for marketing their products, so it makes sense to generate as many friends as possible. As LinkedIn profiles get a good page rank in Google, adding your company's URL in your LinkedIn profile is sure to publicize your website and bring benefits in terms of enhanced link popularity. LinkedIn's standardized reference check tool also helps you to run a verification check on the credentials of the company or individual you are interested in doing business with. In addition, you may also run a specialized search on new start-ups, jobs relevant to your qualification and experience, and lots more.

4) MySpace: Though not as popular as Facebook, MySpace still is an effective medium for online marketing. By creating a profile, connecting with relevant discussion groups and posting bulletins on the latest developments in your product array, you get to connect with your potential customers in a big way for educating them and solving their problems.

Social media optimization is the latest tool created for the internet marketer to initiate research on customer's view on any particular product or service, as well as to gauge the market trend for launching any product in future. Big business houses have come to appreciate this tool as a very cost-effective method of studying the market, as well as to project a customer-friendly approach with real-time solutions to all their queries and doubts, by logging in to various social media forums.

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About the Author

Subhadeep Basu is a SEO consultant associated with various SEO techniques at Brainmaster Infobase SEO Company. For your enquiries regarding Search Engine Optimization, visit his website http://www.brainmasterinfobase.com.

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