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Survey Reveals That Social Media Optimization Is A Popular Marketing Tool

Author: Dick Willson

Social media optimization (SMO) is a modern technique of increasing the online presence of a company. This technology has gained importance very recently as people have developed the habit of social networking through web. Companies are now participating in these websites to bring more traffic. Usually, news and other information are provided by the companies through SMO. But it is necessary to have high communication skills to become successful in it.

It is being anticipated, that in 2010 SMO is going to be more popular than search engine optimization (SEO). According to a top SEO specialist in New York, companies are making more business by employing SMO strategy over SEO technique. With the advent of the new year, the online business will no more depend on the number of hits on a website. It will be based on the network of friends and connections that a business organization has in sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

There are various methods of social media optimization applied by companies.

1.The target audience must be identified first. This is a preliminary step in this issue. The marketing content should be created on the basis of this audience. It should be researched thoroughly what will be appealing for this audience.

2.When some content is being placed in social networking sites, links leading to the company's official website should be posted. Creating a company blog makes this easier.

3.In case a visitor finds a company site interesting then he/she might feel like returning to the site or recommending it to friends. This is the idea behind book-marking. It is always recommended to have this option in a website. Special attention must be paid so that the process of book-marking and tagging is not complicated for the visitors.

4.Discussions on any specific issue are always interesting. People have the tendency to take part in discussions very much. This is the reason why companies should participate in discussion boards and forums.

5.A company must be very subtle in advertising themselves in discussion boards and forums. All such forums forbid direct marketing. It is always better to communicate interestingly so that people have the tendency to read the post and comment on it. Gradually these discussions can lead a lot of traffic to the company website.

6.There are many experts who provide social media optimization service online. These experts use their unique strategies. Hiring a professional is always a good idea as they possess necessary skill set required for social media optimization.

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