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5 Step Marketing Strategy for Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Author: Vanda-Lynn Hughes

Marketing strategy for Social Media Optimization (SMO).

In the recent past Search Engine Optimization involved SEO 1.0 and link building- which spawned an industry of its own as people offered to get you links to your web site for a fee and so hopefully your site would be top of the page in Google for certain keyword.

What they failed to mention is they were unable to control Google! So there were no Guarantees and the web sites position could be lost to your competition 10 minutes later!

Google is now recognising public preferences for sites others have found interesting and informative!so the era of Social Media Optimization (SMO) is born and with it SEO 2.0.

SEO 1.0 Linking was important.
SEO 2.0 Others are connecting with you – your community and audience which google now looks at as important and ranks your site accordingly. (Put simply are others sharing the content, voting for the site or linking to the content/post.)

So here they are again your 5 Step Marketing Strategy for Social Media Optimization (SMO) you may have heard it all before in YourNetBiz training with LetITPay Team training.

1. Build your central hub – Your Blog or website.-It needs to be active and not a static site preferably.

2. Discover potential Communities and Networks or Forums – This is often referred to as Social Media planned involvement also known as blueprinting (In the past your PR strategy).

3. Study these communities – Learn all about what makes it Tick – As yourself the Question can you offer them solutions or content that will be seen as interesting?

4. Strategies how you will deliver you unique content or solution to the community This is very important step in the process.

5. The audience will be engaged by you if you have followed each step effectively and the result will be your fan club. Like all buildings if constructed on a solid foundation you will have the option of building a skyscraper or Mansion that will last for years.(Mashable.com – Social Media expert is a good example with his fan club and followers).

This will not happen over night so maybe decide if you want to go down this route first before starting. Congratulations if you do decide to take this option and recommend you put it into your daily schedule to prepare the content (note prepare not post). SMO - Social Media Optimisation is key to your success!

Lastly be sure your home page provides a reason for them to do business with you that after all is the reason for getting involved with Social Media it is to Market your products.

To Your success with SMO.


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About the Author

Vanda-Lynn Hughes is a full time Internet Business Coach Copywriter Marketer and Article Publisher. Vanda-Lynn is the Owner of LetITPay. "Helping Individuals Achieve Their Financial Dreams"

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