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Social Media Optimization increases popularity and market share

Author: Michealslater

Marketers are resorting to Social Media optimization as it creates one of the best advertising medium for their users. According to Social Media Marketers, “Marketing Sherpa”, Social media optimization influences brand awareness, reputation, improves search engine ranking, enhances traffic for desired website, generate leads, improves internal communication and online sales very effectively.

Majority of participants rated high on effectiveness of Social Media Marketing.

A complete Company profile is extremely necessary to make people understand you and your Company better. It’s not necessary to tell everything but a formal introduction about you or your Company is very much required.

Social Media Optimization has resulted in positive ROI that is compelling the Companies to invest more in Social Media Optimization. It has been observed that Companies with higher level of Social Media activity increased their sale considerably, while the least active ones saw a drop in sales.

Some of the projected sites of Twitter reveal that Social Media optimization would have some 100 million users by 2010 that will increase to 350million users by 2011, a whopping 25% increase in activity in just one year. Internet is a vast communication device. In fact 25 million users are already using this media as marketing technique.

Through Twitter there are chances of two way conversation. Although it is the most basic level of communication, then also most of the people having twitter stream have re-tweets and piece of conversation back and forth.

Twitter and Facebook are useful as they are focused upon as basic Social media optimization technique. However, besides continuing usage of social media basics, one can get connected to other social media sites like StumbleUpon, YouTube, etc for creating healthy and reward winning relationship.

An interesting revelation is that the Company who created Twitter presence some two and a half months back has generated some few thousands followers. The best part of Twitter presence is that almost 70% of sales generated during a single day Twitter Advertising blitz came from customers pulled in from that site. If Companies resort to such advertising blitz then they will surely create high web presence and increased ROI for a relevant site.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/

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