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Discover These Social Media Optimization Tactics To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Author: trafficisking

If you are a website owner or website developer, a huge part of your online success is going to be on how you promote your website. Marketing is essential to introducing your website to as many targeted people as possible. However, you may not be familiar with some of the best ways out there for marketing your website online. By using the internet, you can take your product or service from being local, to world wide in just a few clicks of the mouse. So, if you are not familiar with the various web 2.0 tactics and techniques that can be used to promote your website, sit back and read on.

#1 - Use Social Networking Sites - One great way that you can market your website online is by using social networking sites. These sites can help you to generate a huge amount of traffic to your website. There are so many people who currently use these social networking sites to stay in touch with family, friends, business associates, customers, etc. With social networking sites you can establish yourself as a person that is credible and start communicating with people you add as friends to your online profile. Having profiles and blogs on sites like Facebook and MySpace can help you interact with people interested in your product or service.

#2 - Create Video Commercials Or Tutorials And Post Them On YouTube - Another great way to market online is to create a commercial and then place it on YouTube. Creating videos will benefit you greatly, because millions of users visit YouTube to watch videos. With a video, you can demonstrate how your product or service works, get testimonials of others who used your product or service, and the list goes on. Just be creative and different. Guaranteed you will attract attention.

#3 - Post on Craigslist - You can also use Craigslist to advertise your business. Posting on Craigslist can help drive more traffic to your website. There are many online users who visit Craigslist for a variety of reasons like searching for jobs, advertising services, or even looking for information. You can post your ad for your product or service in it's proper category. Doing so will guarantee targeted traffic. Our company has online seminars showing you how to place images and url links in craiglist ads. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter below.

#4 - Create Your Own Blog - Many people today are finding that creating a blog is an excellent way to market just about anything. When you build up a blog, you basically work to build up a readership, and over time they begin to trust you and what you have to say. While you will be able to use the blog to promote your product or service, you will also want to be sure that you provide your readers with helpful information that will keep them coming back again and again.

People love knowledge, and when you share knowledge on your blog that people are not familiar with, you will get them to become repeat visitors. Make sure that the articles are well written and interesting as well. Offer insightful articles that deal with topics specific to your target audience. No doubt this will keep people coming back to you again for good information.

#5 - Use Online Message Boards - Yet another way that you can successfully market your website online is to use online message boards and forums. This is not really a way for you to go in and start pitching your business but a way that you can help provide people with helpful information. In these forums you should work hard to become a voice that is trusted and an expert in your field.

Your objective is to make sure that you provide other users with plenty of helpful information that will benefit them. Then in your signature file you can add your website url or link for people to get more information about you and your company. Taking the time to post in online message boards and forums will help drive a lot of traffic to your website and promote your product or service. In addition, it is an excellent source to get good quality leads.

Each of these web 2.0 strategies is very important. In fact, when you use all these methods combined together, you will be able to successfully market your website online. So, if you are ready to start really marketing your business, start using these web 2.0 marketing tactics as soon as possible.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/online-business-articles/

About the Author

Samuel Awosolu blogs for Traffic Is King.com. A blog for online businesses looking to increase blog traffic and improve their search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If you want to learn more about Social Media Optimization and traffic generation, you can sign up for his free online course. Samuel is very interested in helping entrepreneurs promote their websites with web 2.0 strategies and various viral web tools.

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