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How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Rankings

Author: H.E.Muller

Social Media has become huge over the last couple of years and any Web site owner focused on search engine rankings needs to tap into the power of social media and social sites.

There are a lot of available options when one looks at social media as a search engine optimization tool. Twitter and Facebook are two of the bigger social sites and the growth that they have achieved is phenomenal. Blogs keep on popping up at a massive rate and more community sites are published daily.

The search engines have started to include tweets and Facebook posts on their search engine results pages. This opens up new search engine optimization opportunities that can be used to improve search engine keyword rankings.

Social media and social sites can be used as follows to improve your search engine keyword rankings:

Set-up profile pages on Twitter and Facebook with links back to your site

Create a Fan Page for your site on Facebook

Post updates about your site on Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis

Build-up a following and place "follow me on Twitter/Facebook" widgets on your site

Bookmark your site on bookmarking sites like Faves and Delicious

Make use of Stumble Upon and Digg to promote your site and create backlinks

Set-up a channel on YouTube and post videos related to your site

Post comments on do-follow relevant blogs and forums with links back to your site

Set-up profile pages on relevant community sites and post comments or articles with links to your site

Use your keywords in all anchor text and posts

It is important not to abuse social media or social sites. You have to add value to the site that you are on or you could face expulsion. By posting original and valuable content and comments you can increase your success rate and you will also be able to build-up a following. Social Media Optimization is a very effective tool and can also be a lot of fun.

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