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Optimize Your Social Media Profile – In 5 Easy Ways!

Author: Kabir Bedi

Social media has become the new buzzword of the web. As businesses wake up to realize the power of social media and the way it can accelerate the Search Engine Optimization process, more and more companies are venturing towards Social Media Optimization.

Optimizing your website for social media is an extremely effective way to strengthen your link building strategy. And since links are the life-steam of websites to excel on the web, social media websites are excellent places to start counting links. And the first step towards optimizing your website for social media is to optimize your social media profile.

Here are some tips to optimize your business profile on social media websites so that you get effective results:

Make yourself Linkable

Seventy per cent pf Google's algorithm is based on links. And the more relevant links you have, the better chances you have of improved search engine rankings. And social media provides you with an opportunity to get links from a whole new population of bloggers and industry experts. Therefore, the first step you need to ensure is that your content is linkable i.e. your content appeals to online population so much that they link to it. You can add a blog to your profile, create white papers and make sure your keep your content updated on all your social media profiles.

Add a Bookmarking Option

Make it easy for users to tag and bookmark your content. Add a sharing tool alongside all your content, be it your website, your articles or your blog posts so that users can instantly bookmark the same on popular websites like Twitter, Digg Delicious etc. Remember, users are more likely to bookmark content then and there rather than remembering to save it later on.

Make your Content More Available

One of the important ways to make your content travel faster on the web is to make it available in a variety of formats. So, make sure you have your content in different formats like PDFs, video files, podcasts, slideshows etc. in addition to the regular articles and blog posts. This will increase your spread on the web and therefore, your accessibility.

Offer Value to your Audiences

Instead of simply supplying content, make sure that you deliver value to your readers. Even if it doesn't directly help you get links, make sure it is informative and adds value for your readers. If your content appeals to your audience-base then it will automatically get spread over your networks and their networks as well. Focus on providing free content. It will go a long way in establishing your reputation in the market.

Research about your Audience

The only way to appeal to your audiences is to provide them with what they are looking for. And for this you need to devote some quality time researching about your potential audiences and their needs and requirements. Do some effective community mapping and targeting and make sure of metrics.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/smo-articles/

About the Author

Kabir Bedi works as a senior web consultant at LeXolution IT Services, an established web development company in India. He has extensive experience in delivering powerful web solutions to clients and has worked on many international projects.

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