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Using Social Media for Marketing: Can SMO Replace SEO ?

Author: mmorales

For those who have invested any time on the internet, you realize by now that using social media for marketing has started to become by far more effective than Search engine optimization (SEO). Social Media Optimization which is known as (SMO) can benefit your organization by providing an additional channel of customer support, a means to gain customer and competitive insight, along with a method of managing your reputation online.

Important aspects that will ensure social-media marketing success is to make sure of its relevance to your customer, the value it provides them, and the strength of the foundation on which it is built. By using social media for marketing you will see that it is an cost-effective method of advertising through social channels along with media releases that will attract a huge amount of visitors to your website. Whether you want to market your products, publish the business updates, press releases, social marketing is the highly effective method that will earn you profits on a long run.

Customer loyalty is most effective when your customers can feel engaged with your company. When companies are using social media for marketing, it helps put this "human face" on their company and builds trust, which builds relationships. Customer expectations are huge and brands are failing. Trust has switched from institutions to friends, and the barriers to the flow of information have faded. Customize your messages in such a way that is appropriate in your target market. Also, popular sites in one market might not be as popular in another. Businesses use social marketing and when used effectively are better able to connect, interact, and respond to the needs of their customers. It helps them reach their ideal target market and by doing so results in heightened brand awareness, better customer service and increased web-presence.

We are now seeing that companies are no longer the one-way communication houses trying to force us to buy what we don't need. We are now a player in that conversation and today's development of online social-media is but an extension for that craving to be heard, to play a part and even lead. Companies are finding that consumers are no longer searching their websites for information, but are using social media for marketing.

Whether a company is large or small, no one can afford to ignore this growing presence in our lives. Using social media for marketing is not only cost-effective, it will help you to grow your customer base by taking part in two-way dialogue with your customers. You are now able to shape your products and services based on real-time customer feedback and you can drastically improve your customer service by responding quickly and easily to any queries, questions or concerns people might have. In addition, using social media for marketing purposes allows you to reach out to existing customers and to find new ones, and it also makes it easy for the people you reach to spread the message on to their online friends.

Paid advertising can pretty much be done in congruence with social media marketing. The goal is to drive a highly-targeted audience to your site through paid advertisement on other sites. This will only work if you have optimized your site to convert. If you're driving qualified traffic to your site, but your landing page is not optimized to convert this traffic, then you will lose a lot of advertising dollars.

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