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Social Media Marketing Optimization Era

Author: fadel sahida

The rise of social networking sites are growing so rapidly on the internet make significant changes in the world of internet marketing. No doubt, usually the marketer glorifying the marketing techniques that have been used, do not want to miss exploit this trend.

For those who normally rely on many search engines (search engine optimization) marketing, now switch to using social media. And in today's world, social media-based sites has always ranked first, such as Facebook.

So no wonder people start working hard to optimize their commercial sites to use social media sites in its marketing. Let's just say that social networking sites are the sugar and ants as people who use them.

The era of social media is different from the era of the previous web-era. In this era, enabling 2-way interaction occurs, the strong smell of humanist social media makes it so very loved, especially Facebook in which people can gain new relationships with just a click of a button and a confirmation from others.

Also the ability that is able to connect all people in the world that allows a person to meet with the old friends and all his colleagues. Of course, this becomes an tool easy for marketers to utilize these social networking sites in the business campaign, this is a marketing social media optimization.

Do you still remember with Barack Obama's successful campaign?

Yes, says one of the most successful step is to utilize these social media sites. With the success of this campaign, Obama finally crowned to be the United States' number 1 and became history as America's first black president.

Obama succeeded in making people sympathetic to him with his skills in rhetoric. Also thirsty Americans who at that time affected the global economic crisis, make the people want a lot of changes. And as evidenced by the use of social media sites in marketing such as YouTube, Flicker, Twitter, Myspace, especially 'Facebook', Obama managed to attract a lot of supporters, and ultimately win it.

In the world of internet marketing, many people who take advantage of this trend of social media. In the world of internet marketing, many people who take advantage of this trend of social media. The owners of websites ranging from corporate to personal start competing to integrate their website with this website, and displays fans page in their website.

Of the many reasons why they do this. Starting from for his fans still get the info updated, branding, as well as spread the viral marketing effect is so powerful through sharing of information.

So, surely if you do not want to miss the enormity of the effects of social media marketing, it's time to take advantage.

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A social media marketer, blogger, profeesional engineer

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