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Search Engine Optimization (Seo) – Tips And References

Author: Justin Mark

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to get traffic from search engines and other websites medium also. This method is divided into two parts containing onsite optimization and off site optimization. Onsite optimization refers to optimize website containing Meta tags, structure, pictures size, maintaining error URL, keywords research. There lots of facts that a optimizer needs to know before optimizing any websites. In onsite optimization, there are critical things like Meta tags, content updating and broken links.

Other part of search engine optimization is offsite optimization that refers to make links, that known as voted for any website, for any websites. For getting good ranking, number and quality of links have critical role. Quality links have more value than number of low quality links, but if we have good number of links of good quality links then our website would get good ranking over any keywords.

There are some tips for onsite optimization of any website. Because onsite optimization creates way and offsite optimization gives support to go on through that way. So leader (onsite optimization) is always greater than follower (offsite optimization).

Title : For any website title is most critical element of onsite optimization. Title’s length for Google search engine is 60-65 characters, for yahoo it is 120 characters. Title of any website should contain keywords and for each page unique title is required.

Meta Tags : Other important element is Meta tags. Meta tags are used to give brief idea about what page has it. But in SEO this is not only brief descriptions but also helpful in getting top rank. There are lots of Meta type name like description, keywords, authors, robots, subject, abstract. But some of are important among them, they are description, keywords, robots. Other Meta tags have no value in getting ranking. For description there is need of 400 characters and for keywords this goes to 200 characters.

Website Structure : For any web designer, there is expectation of attractive website that show their business profile. For this reason, web designer use to make website containing flash or full of flash supported website. Flash is enemy of SEO that’s why any website containing flash would take more time to get good ranking than with out flash based website. Website is use to developed in table support format or CSS based supported. Table supported is traditional format and now given less value by search engine. There are format of alignment containing header, columns and footer. But for SEO purpose three columns structure is called best.

Content Optimization : \"Content is king \", all search engines follow this idioms of SEO glossary. Onsite optimization needs to optimization of content for search engine. For search engine any website should have unique content provided over internet. Fresh and unique content based website is liked by search engine and would get good ranking soon other website. Duplicity of content is curse for any website. So doing onsite optimization there is required for content to be updated and unique.

Pages and Pictures size : Size of page and pictures have also important factor in SEO. For Google standard file size should be 24KB for small page and 110 KB for portal website or big websites. So, file size should follow this rule, but because of requirement of user or services providing, we would have to increase size. Picture size is also has importance in terms of onsite optimization.

Page Load time : Other important issue for onsite optimization is page load time. For standard it should have less time. Less time page load website would give the best presentations as well as search engine supported.

There are other factors that need to be optimized while doing onsite optimization. SEO Services contain lots of task to be converted. Demands of SEO companies are growing worldwide because of internet marketing and getting traffic from internet. SEO Companies are well demanded in UK, US, India and UAE region. UAE SEO Companies are one of good SEO services providers in Middle East region. You may find lots of UAE companies while searching in Google with keywords like SEO UAE, SEO DUBAI etc.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/

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Jusin mark has 10 years experience in industry field. they are giving his valuable time to falconsearch in field of seo, internet marketing.

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