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Can you use Social Media to improve Your Search Rankings?

Author: Sofia Sapojnikova

Social Media and Social Networking Websites are increasing in popularity on the World Wide Web ,and Businesses are now becoming more aware of the potential of Social Media to promote their Web Presence.

Individuals and companies can use social media as a tool to enhance their Online Visibility, in order to widen their audience base and reach out to potential clients in Niche Markets.

Search Engine Crawlers thrive on User Interaction responsible for fresh content. If your business has a strong presence on the social media websites, you can be sure that it’ll reflect in your positioning in the search engine results as well.

Here are some tips to help derive the most benefit of Social Media websites.

Use Social Bookmarking

“Bookmarking” refers to where you bookmark anything that you like or would like to come back to later. (Straightforward enough)

“Social” Bookmarking , means sharing your books marks with others Online, through sites such as StumblUpon and Delicious.

You can bookmark and share it with other users of the website.

You can also read through other people’s bookmarks. Social bookmarking is a very effective SEO technique.

When you save links to certain web pages on a social bookmarking website, search engine crawlers will find them and thus there will be better chances of the page getting featured in the search results.

New Kids on the Block , Include ShareIn and OnlyWire .

OnlyWire helps make multiple submissions to Social Networking sites , which helps reduce time with Multiple Submissions.

Give it a go , and let us know your feedback on your experience . Maybe you can recommend a few we havent yet discovered.


Regularly updated blogs that serves great content are the Key to attracting Search Engine Crawlers.

Start blogging and write about things relevant to your business niche. If you write really well, you would see readers pouring in.

Connect with other bloggers and increase the network Value of your blog. This will also give a boost to your search engine ranking. An exmaple of a blogger network is MyBlogLog.

Social Networking Websites

Join social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter that attract huge volumes of traffic and establish your presence there.

Remember to create strong profiles on these websites to promote your brand and Engage your audiences in a dialogue.

This is a useful platform to interact with your audiences and have open dialogue with them. The knowledge and exposure you gain here would be immensely beneficial to strategize business decisions.

Widen your Web Presence

In addition to social networking and websites, consider some other options as well. for example to utilise the potential of images and videos. You can use websites like Flickr and YouTube to promote brand awareness.

Content is King

Social Media Optimization(SMO) and Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) should run parallel to one another. And for that, the prime requirement is good content.

Content is King. Anything that has good content will be sought after by people and get good placement in the search results and vice versa as well. Have relevant content , monitor the market and predict trends and fashions of the industry.

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