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How to start off with Social Media Marketing

Author: Mariko Meinke

What are the difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Networking

Social media refers to online technology and methods through which people can share information ,knowledge , content, personal opinions, swap different perspectives and insights into world issues by using digital conversational Media .

It is about engagement ,Social media website content can come in many shapes and forms:

Content , images and photo ,videos , and audios

Social Media Marketing has become the basis for online business to succeed and the following point will need to be considered when implementing social media marketing.

1. Know how each social media works and its target niche – Understand and try to be involve with different top social media sites to understands it niche and program function eg, email , sharing , picture and voting capability and how it can complement to your marketing agenda . It's ideally to use it on a regular basis especially with the social bookmarking sites.

2. Focus on your niche to drive the right traffic to your site – There are hundreds of social media sites , and some top pligg sites which has million of followers therefore it's always important to identify our niche and focus on sites that can drive correct traffic.

As you may welcome both transit visitors and Niche visitors . therefore focus on your marketing strategy to drive the most welcome visitors to your site , but it depends on how your are able to understand the function of the social media sites to drive your those visitorswho will likely to find the content more relevant and help to increase your conversion rate.

3. Good Bookmarking software : There are some dedicated good software which can be utilised to work with such social media site to drive the traffic to your site, One of the most efficient will be the Bookmarking demon , or the WS Rocks.com where both Get Thousands Of High Pr Pligg, Scuttleplus, Scuttle, phpDug, Hotarucms Powered Sites For Bookmarkingdemon, Autopligg and other leading Bookmarking Software's. Simple Copy-Paste Method, All Done In Minutes On Autopilot

4. Thousand of social media sites – Many people know of famous social media sites like Digg,delicious, Reddit, Faves, Yahoo buzz . However, they are not the only social media site as there thousands Of High Pr Pligg, DoFollow ,Scuttleplus, Scuttle, phpDug, Hotarucms Powered Sites . All of them can always drive massive traffic to your sites as you learn how to bookmark with them .

5. Avoid Sales Pitching – Many Dofollow social sharing sites don't allow advertising content but DoFollow sites does allow the search engines to see the links in your site like comment links etc. This increases the number of incoming links to your site, increases the likelihood that someone will locate you when searching, and improves your site's position in the search engines.So having a dofollow site allows the other links like your title name in your comment which act as a link to your site when a spider searches that site. , and we should go light on selling or promotional messaging but focus to product features or Niche solution for your readers . Dress up your website with good ads instead when visitors keep coming from the links,they will explore further when your ads start to catch their attention

6. Create good content to offer value – Content Value is almost everything in Social Media marketing . Every good content encourage good conversion rate , Links and strategies your ads placement on your content to attract visitor when they visit your site

7. Participate in Forum and Communities – It's always essential to participate personally and engage with communities on social networks. Leaving comments on blogs and forums or joining groups on social media forum and communities sites are good ways to build online presence . submit many how to , Top 10 s subject will always captivate audience

Social Networking is therefore a part of Social Media .it is common for people to get confuse on the terms of social networking and social media and we hope this brief article will help readers to be able to identify the difference .

Social networking tools allows you to create a personal profile about yourself then discuss and share information with others such as friends and family. Most of these tools allow user to create their own profile and then post content eg.. video ,photos, text etc that corresponds to your area of interest .

Although the social network is more about getting social to make friends and build relationships but over the years ,it has also become more commercial where Network platform has integrate advertisement option into the platform in order to generate income to make end meets.

The world is changing everyday , advertising ,chatting online or messaging has become part of our everyday lives for Net Users , and they are tuning into this social Media's New ways of communicating through the internet with information that bypasses our still ongoing expensive marketing communication methods .

The Knowhow is going Digital , and social networking involves taking advantages of new digital tools which the social Media technology provides to open up new channels and new ways to communicate with prospect or friends to discuss on issues and problems, or to relate new product information ,news happening and other many types of content and possibilities .

Among one of the Most common tools of the Social Networking is Social Bookmarking .As we discuss more on social media marketing at the start of this article , we will elaborate on how social bookmarking integrates into the full concept

Social Bookmarking is the concept of adding Bookmarks ( it can be article from blog or website ) across various social bookmarking sites , It provide a more organized method to store and access bookmarks from anywhere as long as you can access the internet from any PC .

Wed surfers while surfing the internet can store and tag their bookmark while Content publishers will aggregate this social data while showing the most popular links ( article lead from blog,news articles ) on the front page portal of their platform. In additional they provide application program interfaces ,tools and all types of features feed to make content contributors and readers happy .

Each participant of a social bookmarking system can typically tags each bookmark with keywords while also giving vote to the bookmark .the social bookmarking platforms will tabulate and let all web visitors and surfers vote to shows the popularity of such submission and the Non-too popular may be removed over time .It is a Fair Voting game, as the votes will see the popularity and support of friends of the contributors also .

Some of the more popular social media cum bookmarking sites includes ;

Delicious ,Digg ,Diigo ,Faves ,Stumpleupon,Bebo, Evernote, Reddit , Mister-Wong etc

Content or bookmark on this platforms are also crawled by search engines , and improve the search engine optimization of the bookmarks which turns will boost ranking of your content on the search engines .With such features Content bookmark contributors will be optimizing their site with social media ,and this process is call SMO ; or Social Media Optimization

While doing the social bookmarking, always consider on the following good practice to optimize the exercise to generate more traffic to your site

1.Structured out a Bookmarking plan ,this include creating a Good catchy title Highlighting some interesting facts about your post or bookmark would give your followers more reason to continue and find out how interesting your profile really is.Plan it to time in with major events ,example like bookmarking on celebrities profiles for the annual academy awards presentation

2.Includes Search optimization techniques, such as using highly searched key words, are useful in allowing search engines to crawl your links when it look for specific phrases on the search engines

Integrate the same technique to your web content ,as it can make a large difference since the crawling exercise will bring forth better result .

3 Suring submission ,.join the correct category .You may be posting truly informative and interesting material content . This would go to waste if you have made a mistake in choosing a category that does not complement well with your content

4 Look for a good list of bookmarking site to submit . Try establish some rapport with readers who visit your category and gain or win some votes from them . Your participation in social bookmarking sites would also mean being actively communicating with other users to get the most out of this activity.

5. Consider both manual & automation software when submitting .Making efforts to promote using social bookmarking sites is time consuming but using reputable auto submitters software like the Bookmarking demon may be good solution to this problem. Manual submission to prominent and strict social media sites should be reserved to for personal manual bookmarking purpose. Leave the automation exercise for the many pligg sites in order to gain productivity

Capitalize on the use of social media to the fullest. Due to the a great concentration of people using social media sites , you need to make it a point to respond to comments and exchange inputs with people that you encounter in social bookmarking sites. This will greatly increase your traffic and conversion rate

For further information of Social Bookmarking ,please visit http://www.bookmarktechnology.com to download the Free ebook ; Social Bookmarking Intelligence

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