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The 10 Rules of Social Media Marketing Optimization

Author: Simon S Markham

Man is a social animal – we have heard this saying a million times, but could not grasp the true meaning of the saying until man wanted to do business. Someone rightly said that money makes a man wiser and dearth of it makes him knowledgeable! Thus began the art of tapping the society to get better returns.

Top 10 Rules of Social Media Marketing Optimization

1.Follow the 4 Cs: They four Cs that are effective in optimizing your social media marketing skills are- Content, Conversation, Connection and Consistency. If you really want to tap the online social media then you must take care of your content. It should be unique, appealing and consistent but don't state anything false. It is of no use if you do not utilize your profile to connect and converse.

2.Organize and Dedicate: A well-laid out profile and a dedicated profile will attract more people to you and your organization. Do not try to sell them something and neither veil your motive. The visitors and your friends will easily see through the whole act. Dedicate a certain amount of time online that will help you build confidence and clarity.

3.Update Yourself: Using the social media for simply advertising your products will never work, whatever the incentive it may be. People there come to enjoy and throw out the stress. Also, it is important that you follow the language of the networking site. Make your lingo sound ‘Cool'!

4.Promote Convergence: People all around the world want everything at hand. The thought is like having a universal remote control for everything they are a part of. Use the latest technology to provide the same.

5.Help: Have a helping attitude in your online profile. People love to share their problems online in order to lessen their stress and other similar problems. This will only build the trust of the people in you and your organization.

6.Be Real: Unlike many users who have fake profiles on social networking sites, avoid using one totally. If you've a fake profile, you won't be able to promote the real thing how hard you try. Because the first attempt itself was a failure – creating a fake profile.

7.Links: As already mentioned, create new connections and links that will help you connect to more people.

8.Commit Yourself: There is a need of commitment for your online profile. If you had thought otherwise, you were wrong. Commit to the cause you want to market and organize.

9.Join: Join groups and other conversations and make a vital and useful contribution to the discussion. People will notice you sooner or later.

10.Evolve: Man has always evolved and adapted and that made him a survivor and a winner. Evolve and diversify.

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