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How to Market Your Website by Creating a Web Presence - Part 2

By David Notestine Creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot.

Strategic trusts are made up of energy, time, trust, communication and commitments towards these opportunities. Over time, as one learns to work with one another and you become dependant upon each other, the trust is born. Employees, other websites and webmasters, software, product suppliers, cgi scripts, advertising relationships, repair people, sales people, lawyers, accountants, customers, competitors, bankers and basically every person or mechanism you become involved with in your business becomes either a failed or successful strategic alliance. Successful ones are those that pay off in profit or helping you to reach your goals. The failed ones go away and gradually you collect the successful ones with your business also becoming successful.

How do you find successful opportunities? Whether you are a successful businessperson or one just starting out, think what it might take to be successful. In the beginning, in a real world business, if you have a storefront or an office, you may have to go out and build opportunities. An insurance salesperson that joins the Chamber, goes to church and is involved in their community is building a luck base for opportunities that enable them to sell insurance policies. They are building roads to their business. Thus, potential customers will call and visit when they need insurance. It's a numbers game. The more people that know what the insurance salesperson does as a profession, the more sales that will be produced by the sales team. These roads could include 8 x 10 signs in the windows of other shops on your block. Running newspaper ads, banner advertising, etc, are also roads that point to your business.

It's the same for your website. Build roads and have signs that point to it and keep building them. Never stop or your business will become stagnate. Then, you must have content that makes your customers keep coming back. With roads to your business, the visits will start immediately. Put enough signs up today and you will get a few visitors tomorrow. The more signs you put out, the more visitors you will get on any given day. If you have 100 signs out and you get 10 visitors a day, put out 200 signs and you will get 20 visitors a day.

What are these roads and signs to your website? The answer has been before you the entire time, links. The more links you have pointing toward your website, the more traffic you have. A business without signs is a sign of no business. A website without links pointing to them, is a dead website, period. I dare anyone to show me a busy website that doesn't have links of some kind pointing to it.

Now that you have visitors arriving on a daily basis, you want to make sure they come back. You must have enough content or inventory that will make them come back again and again. Or have what ever it takes that makes them say, "Hey, I like this store. I'll come back for sure. Let me remember this and it's location". It's the return visitors that make your business or website grow. If 25% to 75% of your daily traffic is return visitors, add each days new visitors to the return ones and now your website or business is starting to take off. Giving your visitors content, information, knowledge and even products is a great way to insure visitors come back again and again. You may even decide to have your visitors provide the content. Chat and message boards are a great way to add content to your site. I like the html ones that actually make a html page for your site as the search engine robots like them also. Matt Wright's WWWBoard is a favorite of many. Since they have the subject embedded in the Title and the page itself, they make great keyword tuned pages for your website that the search engines will find and dispense a lot of visitors to your business within 3 to 6 months.

David Notestine is the creator of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot. Zeus is a popular tool used by webmasters to build reciprocal links quickly. Zeus is a robot, which scours the Internet in search of websites to add to your links directory, and with which you could exchange links. For more information on the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, visit


Content has been reprinted with permission of the author.

First appeared in http://www.cyber-robotics.com,

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