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How to Market Your Website by Creating a Web Presence - Part 4

By David Notestine Creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot.

OK, so what happens now? You have the roads or signs pointing to your shop or website, content to make them return again and again, traffic from the search engines which everyone always wanted. Is this what it’s all about. Not even close, it’s just started :-) The opportunities of your Link Directory has become a strategic trust. One you can always rely on to continue driving you traffic AND opportunities. This is your motivation to continue. Roads to your site are what open these opportunities. You have to be able to see these as opportunities as opportunities, which is hard to do without common sense

After a few days, weeks or months, these strategic opportunities will come along. Someone is going to email you with a great idea, a partnership or something that will benefit both of you. The basic strategic alliance is the reciprocal link partnership. You’ll try it and if it works and both parties are benefiting, then you have another strategic alliance and after time a strategic trust when you learn to trust each other. It’s not just reciprocal links, as the more diverse kinds of trusts you have, the closer to your website’s goals you will become. You are now partners and as you grow so do they and vice versa.

What is a web presence? It’s all of the above and more. Visitors are flowing to you and opportunities are happening. It explodes somewhere along the way and you become noticed by the powerful people in your field. Now everyone wants to be involved with you and your website. You can’t stop it now, even if you wanted to. Instead of a steady logarithmic growth it becomes explosive geometric growth.

In the beginning, all new websites are like opening real-world businesses in the worst business location in the world. No one knows your website is even there. What do you do first? You get a telephone so you can get listed in the phone book. After applying and waiting a few months, your listing appears in the white pages. You expect visitors to call but they don’t. That’s because you relied on a passive listing in the phone book. A business won’t make it from such a small amount of traffic. You don’t spend all your time trying to increase your visitors from the phone book listing so why do it with the search engines. Do some active marketing and go out and get your visitors. Search engines are nothing more than phone listings in the phone book.

Aha you say, let’s get a yellow page ad or in web terms, lets start paying for our click-thrus from the search engines. Notice the analogy between the phone books and the search engines. Cyber-robotics.com is in the top three listings for every keyword phrase we could think of, pertaining to reciprocal link marketing. It accounts for 4% of our sales. Scary isn’t it? We own all the keywords and phrases we want, on 75% of the search engine queries on the net, and we only get a handful of visitors and sales from them. It does pay for itself and makes us a little money. If there is one lesson to learn about the search engines, it’s quit thinking so much about the search engines and get out there and market yourself and your website.

The key to being successful on the net is creating a web presence. Creating your own luck and making those opportunities happen is how you become a web presence.

One of our first Zeus Internet Marketing Robot users once said:

“Well, my friend...all these encounters would NOT have been possible if it were NOT for Zeus!!!! I've left out many ‘untold stories’ which happened on account of me dispatching the notification letter…Again, without Zeus...or something like Zeus...the generation of this kind of ‘activity’, ‘connection’, ‘interface’, etc., WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE!!!!!! I'm telling you this as and aside from the generation of ‘traffic/links'...there's REALLY ‘things that happen’ which are FAR more important as a result of using Zeus. "

Link Long and Prosper!

David Notestine

Creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot

David Notestine is the creator of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot. Zeus is a popular tool used by webmasters to build reciprocal links quickly. Zeus is a robot, which scours the Internet in search of websites to add to your links directory, and with which you could exchange links. For more information on the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, visit


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