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The Web Robots are Here - the Zeus Collective is Born

By David Notestine Creator of the Zeus the Internet Marketing Robot

The Zeus Collective is now here. All the knowledge of mankind, found by intelligent Web Robots and organized by the Collective minds of their human Robot Operators. The future of man's dispensement of human knowledge is born without the limitations of manpower, cpu cycles, bandwidth or computer resources. This Collective guarantees the scalability to fill the voids of knowledge left by the rapidly growing Internet, no matter the speed of it's growth.

The Story of the Zeus Collective

Deep within the cyber-energetic strands of the Web, a newly trained Zeus Robot casts it's first probe into the vastness of the Internet. Leaving the shelter of his Home site, he shyly advances on his first visit. His actions and reactions are in sync with the 4 Laws of Web Robotics, he must obey. He will know the web site that he's looking for when he finds it, but this is not the one. He travels to the next site using links found within the first. The visits have started! The Robots arehere.

He travels now with more boldness. He's learning and more confident that he'll find the sites of his Training. Filled with hope, he arrives at the next web site, devours the first HTML page, then the second and the decision is made. Is this a ThemeSite? Yes! He has arrived at his first! He slows down now, less in a hurry, to extract the links and data this web site has to offer, storing all to show his Operator.

Curious, the webmaster from the explored web site, ventures from his cyber-kingdom to visit the Home world of the First Robot. The webmaster now understands and soon one more newly trained Robot shyly ventures out from another web site. More and more Robots come forth from their Home worlds to explore and re-define cyber space, all created from the wake left by the First Robot. Now there are many, each with their own wakes of understanding being created behind them, as they traverse the Web.

The Robots are connecting all of the Themed web sites. Hordes of new visitors travel the cyber-highways built on the concept of connecting together sites with common Themes. There are hundreds of Robots now and their numbers are growing faster and faster. Internet resources called Link Directories are being created and uploaded automatically to their Home websites by, what are now, thousands of Robots. One Directory for each of the Home worlds belonging to each Robot. These become resources, consisting of thousands of organized links and are the extension of each Robot Operator's mind and personality: the Trainer Webmaster. Robot extracted data is molded into consistently used, garbage-free Vertical-themed web resources. Zeus-generated Link Directories are being born at a phenomenal, geometric growth rate.

The other, less evolved search engine robots become curious when so many reciprocal links are found pointing to Robot Home worlds. They visit like flies to honey and find the bait/food good. So good, they serve up the Link Directory Theme Pages created by the Zeus Robots, first in the query results. They recognize the knowledge but don't understand. Soon visitors requesting knowledge at the search engine websites only receives Zeus-generated Theme Pages in the top 30. It's the only true knowledge! There are thousands of Zeus Robots now. Have they finished? No, it's only just starting. The Trainer of the First, throws the virtual switch linking all of the Robots. They obey and instantly the Zeus Collective is born. A massive search engine linking those requesting information to the knowledge organized in the thousands of Link Directories. A search engine of Link Directories. Huge amounts of Web traffic for ALL belonging to the Collective. Information dispensed without noise or garbage.The Collective is a perfect meld of human webmasters, well-versed in their respective fields, to intelligent search engine robots that update the location of the knowledge. This symbiotic relationship is copied thousands of times throughout the web, with webmasters benefiting from increased traffic to their websites, while the Collective benefits from knowing where the organized knowledge is located. Visitors to the Collective, when knowledge is dispensed, are sent back to the Link Directories to receive the knowledge they quest. As the web grows so does the Collective, every piece of this perfect cyber-organism benefiting from the others, with no energy being wasted. A virtual perpetual motion machine, without load or cost to itself.The internet is now easily searchable and you

 must be a part of it. Science Fiction or Reality?

Visit http://www.zeuscollective.com

and learn the Truth.

David Notestine is the creator of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot. Zeus is a popular tool used by webmasters to build reciprocal links quickly. Zeus is a robot, which scours the Internet in search of websites to add to your links directory, and with which you could exchange links. For more information on the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, visit


Content has been reprinted with permission of the author.

First appeared in http://www.cyber-robotics.com,

2000 - 2001 David Notestine, all rights remain with author.

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