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The Cost Of NOT Making Money On The Internet Has Just Gone Up - Part 1

By David Notestine Creator of the Zeus Internet Robot

These are troubling times for the Internet. Investors have turned away in droves from dot-com businesses. Many of these dot-coms have gone belly-up and have slid below the surface of cyberspace. Everyone believed the hype about the Internet being an untapped gold mine. Myths upon myths were perpetuated. Now, even the big names have cash flow problems. Like giant stars they burned brilliantly at first, surviving off the cash they were fed but have since collapsed into black holes, now wanting to survive by sucking in the wary. They are themselves in meltdown scenarios.

Notable among these are the mighty search engines. They thrived and relied on the billions of dollars being thrown about by the dot-coms backed by wealthy investors and the money seemed endless. With everybody trying to get their share of website traffic, billions were spent in advertising dollars making their stock seemingly attractive. The billions in marketing didn’t work. It left the debris of failed dot-coms throughout cyberspace. The dispensers of knowledge failed them, just like they failed the majority of webmasters who were trying to get their own fair share of visitor traffic. How can any Webmaster’s website thrive on the few measly visitors a day that the search engines dispense to the lucky ones?

Didn’t anyone ever stop to think that the form of website marketing being propagated on the net, is wrong and is largely to blame for this financial meltdown? Money was spent in inefficient ways. Most dot-coms are failing, because the basic premise of Internet Marketing has been wrong.

The Internet powers-that-be have behaved like the temple moneychangers of old. They masked their greed with falsehoods about Internet Marketing and led the marketing plans of webmasters astray. They told everyone that the search engines were everything if you wanted web traffic. They narrowed everyone’s thinking to only rely on the search engines. The basic algorithm of marketing became to trick others into thinking that their websites had content, even if they didn’t. Instead of information being dispensed by the quality of content, it was dispersed by trickery. The end justified the means. Websites with magnificent content, that should have been at the top of the search engines list, didn’t even appear. What went wrong?

Many webmasters did what they had to do to, they fought for the traffic that the search engines re-directed so feebly. High marketing muckety-mucks had us spend time on marketing plans that masked the true content of our websites. Search engines, and the marketing concepts that evolved relating to such, didn’t work for the majority of webmasters. Most wasted months or years of time, which could’ve been spent productively. Many of us have been misled.

Now, with belts tightening, the search engines have started to turn their attentions elsewhere, to other sources for money. Now, they want us, the webmasters, to pay for a concept that didn’t work when it was free. Why would it work now?

As the search engines lose money, a desperate scramble for funds has ensued. Most sources have either become extremely cautious or have simply dried up. The entire economy of the Internet was based on self-deception, its stock was overvalued. Now search engines need funds to survive. Guess how they’re going to get those funds?

More and more, Internet search engines have begun the practice of fee-based submissions and listings. You can still submit the old way, but if you want to insure that you’ll be picked up quickly or at all, it’ll cost you. The charge for this can run as high as $199 US. In some cases it’s a one-time fee. Others charge monthly. Some of the more enterprising companies out there are making some webmasters bid on their own keywords.

This is corrupt, being against the very nature of the Internet. As if that isn’t enough, the way the search engines work hasn’t really changed. So, you are basically paying them to be as ineffective as they’ve always have been and your website still loses. Here we enter an unusual situation. The way search engines work isn’t effective, yet we are being told the only way to get web traffic is to go through search engines. But now it costs all of us for the privilege of still getting no traffic. You can submit to them, you may improve your chances if you pay, and the search engines still do not guarantee you’ll get traffic. Isn’t this called extortion?


David Notestine is the creator of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot. Zeus is a popular tool used by webmasters to build reciprocal links quickly. Zeus is a robot, which scours the Internet in search of websites to add to your links directory, and with which you could exchange links. For more information on the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, visit


Content has been reprinted with permission of the author.

First appeared in http://www.cyber-robotics.com,

2000 - 2001 David Notestine, all rights remain with author.

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