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The Cost Of NOT Making Money On The Internet Has Just Gone Up - Part 2

By David Notestine Creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot

 There is only one way to get true, consistent, qualified traffic, one that does not rely on submitting to search engines. If you want traffic to your website, build roads to it. These are called links. Then provide content, so your new visitors come back. It's simple to build roads to your web site with links. The more links that are pointing to your site, the more visitors you get. After all, a search engine is nothing more than a link pointing to you.

By this time you’re wondering, how can links replace search engines? They don’t replace them as links have been there all along, it’s just the powers that be haven’t wanted you to see the truth and the truth is simple. The basis of this truth is in the basic algorithm of the Internet, which is that HTML pages link to each other so surfers can quickly find the content they want. Linking and content are everything, period.

It would be wonderful if we could convince hundreds of websites to place a link on their websites pointing to ours. It's tough to get a link pointing to you, without giving one in return. In reality we need to offer a trade. “I’ll place a link on my website pointing to yours if you place a link on your website pointing to mine.” Many webmasters love this as they know the Truth. Isn't that what the Internet is all about; everyone working together? The ones working together get the most traffic. A website without links pointing to it, is a dead website.

At this point you may say that you’ve read or you may believe putting a link to another site only makes it easy for one of your visitors to leave your site. Think about this a moment. Do you ever feel compelled to stay at a site when you have decided to leave? Sounds like the roach motel of cyberspace; visitors come in but never leave! Not a chance! They go to their personal link directory, in their browser, called ‘Favorites’. If you don’t have what they want; they are gone, no matter how you try to trap them. Build them an organized link resource on the subject they are interested in and they will save you in their favorites.

In the year 2000, the search engines acknowledged that link analysis was being used in scoring their query results. Articles have appeared, teaching those reading them, that links pointing to you and links pointing to others will help your search engine positioning. Everyone involved with Internet marketing needs to stop this kind of thinking as it’s only propagating the myth about search engines being the sole source of traffic. The real truth is that search engines are nothing more than links pointing to your website, controlled by programs randomly dolling out traffic. It’s not about using reciprocal links to increase your search engine positioning so they send you traffic. It’s about reciprocal links providing you the traffic in the first place. Forget the search engines; after submitting concentrate on reciprocal links and content and you will provide yourself with consistent traffic. Then the search engines will send you even more traffic, but by that time, you won’t need them.

For most of us, completely forgetting about the search engines is our first step to Internet marketing. I’m not saying don’t submit. I’m saying build your web pages the best you can, hand submit to the major search engines, then forget them. Imagine being able to find what you’re really after, and imagine people who come to your sites because they want to be there, not because they were tricked into going, or because you paid for them to come in your direction by an errant search. This is the true way.

It’s hard to say just how long many of the search engines, in their current mode of operation, will last. Undoubtedly, there will be mergers and bankruptcies as the weak die out and the strong survive. The search engines will always be around, however. What is needed is a total change of thought. As to their importance in traffic generation, the search engines should be thought of as only one of many ways to get traffic and not the best way for most of us.

David Notestine is the creator of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot. Zeus is a popular tool used by webmasters to build reciprocal links quickly. Zeus is a robot, which scours the Internet in search of websites to add to your links directory, and with which you could exchange links. For more information on the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, visit


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First appeared in http://www.cyber-robotics.com,

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