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What is Search Engine Optimization? How does it help?

Author: Anil Kumar

You have the world's best website in terms of design, visual, graphics, content, features. But is it a white elephant or an impossible-to-miss elephant in the room? Are people searching for your site? Are the search engine spiders picking your site? If the answer is no, it's time to call off all bets off your great, but useless website.

Get real. Get your site to woo the web spiders, catch the eye of the search engines, and optimize your site to search engines, with search engine optimization.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, sounds geeky if you are not exactly tuned in to Web 2.0 tools and stuff. But don't be jarred by the jargon, for it is really simple to understand.

Search engine optimization services help a site to get more visitors, more hits, and thus more visibility, and add dollar value to your bottom line. A search engine optimization company employs Analytics like SEO and keyword analysis to identify what words are being used by people interested in a product/service like yours and then weave in the words in your site content.

When you search for something on the Internet, the search engines deploy spiders or crawlers to sift through the entire data that is available on the worldwide net, and deliver search results that are most relevant to your query.

That is the reason why content is king on the Internet. And that's also why search engine optimization services are the hottest ticket right now in the market. With millions of sites jostling for your mind space, the market for a search engine optimization company is really mouth-watering.

All this has inevitably led to some black sheep search engine optimization companies who try to manipulate the search engines' spiders by an excessive use of popularly used keywords in a site, but Google and other search engines have moved in quickly to stop such spurious sites by banning such sites.

Among the various search engines, the most popular search engine is of course, the big daddy of all, Google. Many of the web publishers and website owners opt for Google search engine optimization services. Restrict your search engine optimization strategy to the world's number one search engine, and you are optimizing your SEO strategy even further!

Search engine optimization also helps you to get higher page rank for your site in the various search engines. SEO specialists run reports to find out where your website stands, and then these reports are analyzed to arrive at definitive ways of improving your web site's rankings.

What is required for a website to be picked up by search engines? Search engine optimization experts say you need a very meticulously constructed set of meta tags. Sorry for a geeky interruption! Meta tags are a type of internal code that search engines heavily rely upon for rating sites according to keywords. It is yet another way to move up the rankings on search engines as well as draw different types of traffic to your web site.

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