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The search engine Order of prominence

Author: Terry R Littrell

After being fairly acquainted with the creation of successful web pages, we come to the point of examining of which search engine we must target, how they work and how to list your pages with them. The reason being that great number of people use these search engines.

The ones that aren't covered here belong to those search engines category that are used in minority, making them the representative of a small portion of one large whole search industry traffic. If you work nicely with only the popular search engines, still, you stand a chance of being successful.

The Best Search Engines

The top three search engine contenders are very popular worldwide. With Google holding the top position and Yahoo and Windows Bing at the runners up positions respectively. Then comes Ask, consisting a strong search technology with limited market share.

Google is the king when it comes to topping the search engine charts, as a result being the heavily used search engine of all times. It does provide search results for its own services as well as that of its business partners in abundance.

Yahoo, the other strong contender in the race is worthy of giving Google tough competition. Despite the fact, that Yahoo has half the market share of Google, yet they have a substantial share in the search engine part. And as far as Windows Bing is concerned, it holds perfect credibility, strong user base, brand recognition, is financially powerful with all this and it is the next stable contender in line.

'Ask' has the finest search technology i.e. popular as Expert Rank among most people. Nevertheless, they have never tried to take advantage of this feature to obtain significant market share.

Now that we are talking about search engines here, we should define and make an outline of the whole process so that through which you can approach your website or web-pages and thereby increase search engine rankings in higher terms.

Relevancy - The one important factor search engines crave for

Just by showing ads search engines make money. Most often, this is how they make money. So to make more money, they need to show those ads to as many people as possible. To get the largest group of people on their search engine, they provide the most relevant search results to their users.

Examine the given example: If you type 'maui vacation rental' in the search box of a search engine, all you would expect are relevant results in return. But if you get results on 'jamaican vacations' or 'maui onions' or even worse than this, then you are sure to get disappointed enough to switch to some other search engine which gives you more specific and relevant search results.

Search engines aim to provide the best possible results. Or else people will switch to using other search engines; therefore they will be left with nothing to present their ads to and so no profits, at the end, going out of business.

Subsequently, you need to work carefully at optimizing your web pages in relation to your keywords. So that it becomes easy for search engines to bring your web page up on results for the appropriate keyword searched. As establishing page relevancy in the eyes of search engines is very important.

All you have to do is make sure all the pages are in relevance to your keywords, for you will find innumerable ways of making your pages relevant in the eyes of search engines. Firstly, there is the option of stated 'on-page' factors. This factor will help in positioning your keywords at the right places on your web pages in order to make search engines aware enough to associate these keywords with your web pages.

Some of the most valuable on-page locations are title tags, header tags, internal link anchor text, bold and italicized text and text in HTML lists, alt and title tags for images and links and some others.

Next in line are the off-pages. They are associated with pages that link to you from other sites. Off-page factor contains inbound link anchor text, text in paragraphs of that anchor text, titles of the pages that link to you, directory category your site is on, on-page factors of the pages that link to you, and many more.

The inbound link anchor link text is the most important under the off-page factors mentioned above. Few search engines are more advanced comparatively, and therefore utilize such data to the utmost levels. However, most search engines prefer to opt such data as an option, so that the level of quality and relevancy of search result is increased in highest terms.

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