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Easy International Leads With Foreign Search Engine Submissions

Author: Cindy King

In most countries Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the leading search engines for all online research. It might appear that they are the only search engines out there. But they are not.

Some countries have local directories and search engines in their own local language. You should know about these search engines if you are targeting foreign countries.

Internet users in foreign countries may not use the search engines where you have your website listed. Even if your website is listed in your your country's major search engines, foreign audiences may not even be able to find your website. They will be using their own foreign language search engine.

Let's see how you can get your website registered on any other foreign language search engines in the foreign countries you are targeting.

Submitting your Site to Foreign Search Engines

First of all your website will probably not be listed in any foreign language search engine. Most websites are not.

Even Google will not list all websites when a user does a search in its own Google country specific search engine. For sites that are listed, Google can give a lower priority to sites that Google considers foreign.

Properly submitting your site to foreign search engines will instantly make your entire website open to searches done in foreign countries. It can also give you higher search results in foreign markets.

If you want people in a foreign country to find your website you need to register your website with each leading search engine directory in each country you want traffic from. Most people will simply not realize this or ask their webmasters to take care of part of the work.

Getting your website referenced in each of the foreign countries you are targeting is essential. You want all of your clients searching for your products to find your website. Remember, you will need to get your website referenced in each language and each country.

Free Online Translation Tools

Free online translations are not 100% error proof, but they are much, much better than even a couple of years ago. If you keep your text clear and simple to begin with, the translation should be a decent standard.

Nervous about the quality of translations?

Want to give the free translation tools a test?

Look up a couple of websites in your target foreign market that are in the local language. Pick websites on a topic you are very familiar with.

Use the free translation tools on a page of text or two and read through. This will give you a general idea of the quality you can expect.

The Process To Submit Your Website

First, do your research. Identify the leading search engines for the countries you are interested in.

Simply use the free online translation tools to systematically translate each page.

Find the page where you can register your website. Work through the registration process until you have completed it.

For this exercise, you will not translate any part of your website into a foreign language.

You need the free translation tools simply to understand how to register your current website with the local foreign language search engines.

It is not a difficult process.

Case Study On Submitting Websites To Foreign Directories

Using a very short tutorial found at the Cindy King website where you can learn to submit your website to several foreign language search engines.

More search engines are being added, with examples of search engines from different countries.

The first tutorial started with Chinese and Russian, two languages the writer did not understand. The exercise was done out of curiosity to see how easy it would be to complete the registration. Both foreign directory submissions were surprisingly easy.

Improve Your Foreign Search Engine Results In One Quick Step

And let's look at going one step further. This will get your current website even more visibility in a foreign country.

Use a free translation tool to translate one of your web pages into Korean, Chinese or Russian for example. Choose one of your web pages with a fair amount of text that is easy to read, a services page or about us page for example.

Submit that single translated web page to the corresponding Korean, Chinese or Russian search engine.

This will has two main benefits:

  1. The translated page will get you higher search engine results than simply having your website registered with the foreign search engine directory.

  2. The foreign search engines will also look at your other web pages, the ones you did not translate and those pages will also get better visibility.

Search Engine Submissions For Foreign Visibility

International internet marketing can bring you international leads and clients.

Even if you are on a very limited budget, you can test a foreign country, or two. Begin with a small budget. Focusing on a narrow international niche will allow your business to grow internationally as you find the strengths of your products in international markets.

The key is to make sure your website is communicating with the local people in the foreign country. You can start very easily by submitting your website to foreign search engines.

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Cindy King
Cross-Cultural Marketer & International Sales Specialist

Over 25 years field experience in aligning cultural offers for international sales.

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