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How Search Engine Rank Your Web Pages?

Author: Markus Skupeika

Getting a better ranking in the search engines is one of the prime target in SEM (Search Engine Marketing). For this better search engine optimization is highly required. But how many people know the process of ranking the web pages and indexing the web pages?

Most of the search engines use complicated algorithms to index the new web pages. They also use the same process to rank the web pages also. Basically what the search engine does is with the help of the algorithm they crawl the website and its pages and properly scan the pages. Based on these they either index the page or rank them. If your site is a new one then it is almost impossible to get rank in the first crawl. But if the search engine gets your site then it will definitely index your site and improve search engine rank.

Keeping search engine optimization in mind if you can write articles related to the site theme and post them in different article directories then it will be easy for the search engine to find your site and crawl your site. Once the search engine finds your site they will definitely index or rank your web pages after comparing with the thousands of other web pages related to the same topic.

Different search engines use different algorithm. So naturally you will find different rank in different search engines. If your site is a company site then for search engine optimization it is always better that you choose any SEO company. The SEO professionals there will have the updated knowledge on the search engine technique and different search engine tools which help to get the rank faster. So having SEO professionals is a good idea because their tools will help you to get the search engine spider crawl your website quickly for better search engine ranking.

While crawling the search engine looks for how many times the keyword or key phrase appears in that particular page. More the number more is the chance to get the better ranking. So the keyword rich content in the web page is highly necessary. The location of the keyword is also important for the search engine. But the keywords used in such a fashion that the page should not look keyword stuffed. This is a very common method to get the good ranking in the search engine.

Now a days there is so much competition in the web market that traditional search engine optimization is not so effective. So always you have to think of innovative ideas for better search engine ranking. Both SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine optimization) should be used for more effectiveness.

On page optimization is also very important. Search engine give great priority to tagging or meta description. In Tagging the web pages contain meaningful title. The title is made with the keywords relevant to the site. Also the meta descriptions contain the keywords. These help the search engines to locate the relevant page very quickly.

So if you have the proper knowledge about the technique of the search engines then it will become easier for you to do optimization.

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