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What is spamming in the context of search engine optimization services ?
Spamming in the usual sense means to send an unsolicited e-mail to someone who never intended to receive it. Spamming in the context of search engine optimization services means to do the following. 

         Using doorway pages: These are having a set of same or similar pages in a website, each optimized for different search engines. The major search engines penalize such tactics by banning the sites, from their index.


        Using page cloaking: This means that one has set a page for users, and another optimized page, for the search engine spiders, depending on who accesses the URL. The optimized page may not be readable to beings like you and me but makes a lot of sense to the search engines. This is done by setting up a script or a program

 in the web server, which would deliver an optimized page to the spider, and another to visitors like you and me. The search engines penalize sites doing this, by excluding their domains from their indexes.


        Too many repetitions of keywords/key phrases: Search engines penalize sites, whose pages repeat too many times any keyword/key phrases, without making grammatical sense whatsoever. The page must be humanly readable, in order for them to accept it.


        Using text which are hidden to users: Search engines penalize sites which employ the tactic of using text with targeted keywords/key phrases which are the same color as the background color of the page. Which makes sense to search engines, but not to users, who cannot see it.


        Automatic submission: The major search engines generally do not like someone to use automatic submission tools, and may ignore their page. They prefer manual submission


        Submitting too many pages a day: The search engines consider this as spam, and may penalize one’s site for doing so.

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